PAMPERS diapers wholesale

PAMPERS diapers wholesale (assortment) – description

Pampers Baby-Dry 26 pc. N°5 (11-16 Kg) 4.43
Pampers Baby-Dry 30 pc. N°4 (9-14 Kg) 5.11
Pampers Baby-Dry 30 pc. N°4 (9-14 Kg) 5.11
Pampers Baby-Dry Pants 48 pc. N°5+ (12-17 Kg) 9.14
Pampers Baby-Dry Pants 54 pc. N°4+ (9-15 Kg) 9.68
Pampers Baby-Dry Pants 72 pc. N°5+ (12-17 Kg) 13.71
Pampers Baby-Dry Pants 82 pc. N°4+ (9-15 Kg) 14.69
Pampers Premium Protection 21 pc. N°4+ (10-15 Kg) 3.58


Get the latest prices of our wholesale pampers diapers in bulk. Buy in bulk and enjoy heavy discounts and faster shipping. Request Quotation Now. Below you can find the various pampers series we can make available for instant shipment. You can get your shipment within 72 hrs upon order confirmation. Your order will be shipped to your desired location either through the air or your preferred method of shipment.

Best Features Of our Wholesale Pampers Diapers

  • 3 Absorbing Channels: There is an even distribution of wetness on the diapers for up to 12 hours
  • Absorbent Micro Pearls™: Locks away the wetness and keep the baby skin fresh and clean
  • Dry-Layer: Instantly absorbs wetness away from the skin
  • Leakage Barriers: Great fit to help prevent leaks
  • Baby Lotion: Helps in protecting baby’s skin from rashes
  • Stretchy Sides: Soft and stretchy sides adapt to the baby moves for a comfortable fit


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