Carlsberg Beer

The first overseas license for brewing was given to the Photos Photiades Breweries, and in 1966 Carlsberg beer was brewed for the first time outside Denmark at the Photiades breweries in Cyprus. The first brewery to be built outside Denmark was in Blantyre, Malawi in 1968.


Probably the best beer in the world. Carlsberg has been brewed since 1847 in Copenhagen, Denmark and is today sold in more than 140 markets. Carlsberg is brewed with focus on quality, innovation, and continuous improvement. Carlsberg has the colour of golden grains, while the head is rich and white. Carlsberg has a well-balanced, refreshing odour of hops and malt with notes of apples. It has a fresh and lively taste in which the light sweetness is balanced by a discreet bitterness in aftertaste.


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