Becks Beer

This full-flavoured lager with a distinctive European malt taste. Known for it’s refreshing and vibrant palate, a style that dates back many centuries. Beck’s is best enjoyed with great friends and warm afternoons.


Beck’s Brewery was founded by Heinrich Beck, Thomas May and Luder Rutenberg in 1873 in Bremen, Germany. Helping to drive innovation in German beer making for over a century, Beck’s was the first German brewery to use green bottles for its beer. Located in a port city, Beck’s has been sold around the world for decades, and were the first German brewery to export beer in a steel keg; which today is the industry standard.

Keeping their beers within strict purity standards that were first set forth in 1516, establishing guidelines regarding what types of ingredients may be used in the brewing of beer, Beck’s stays true to its traditions while also helping to drive the evolution of the beer industry.


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