Coca Cola soft Drink



nCoca Cola soft Drink
nAll flavors available
nBottles or Cans Available
n24pcs / case
n26 pallets / 20ft container
n33 pallets / 40ft container


  • Nothing beats the taste of Coca-Cola. Designed to go with everything, the taste of the classic Coca-Cola has remained unchanged for more than 130 years
  • Ideal to enjoy at home, when your on a break, enjoying a meal and for social events with family and friends
  • Perfect for parties, events, birthday and more
  • Serve Drink Cold for Maximum Refreshment – Easy open screw cap
  • Made in Australia from imported and local ingredients
  • 0.5 Health Star Rating – Contains Caffeine
  • Recyclable – 10 Cent Refund at collection depots/points in participating state/territory of purchase


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